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Natasha is Female from Ipswich
Neil is Male from Milton Keynes
Milton Keynes
Doug is Male from High Wycombe
High Wycombe
Hayley is Female from Salford
Tina is Female from West Midlands
West Midlands
Christine is Female from West Sussex
West Sussex
Val is Female from Tyne and Wear
Tyne and Wear
Roxy is Female from Cowes
Jan is Female from Glasgow
Chris is Male from London
Sinead Clarke is Female from Glasgow
Peter is Male from Belfast
Lucretia is Female from East Sussex
East Sussex
Tony T is Male from Cambridge
Tremayne is Male from London
Shaun is Male from Manchester
John is Male from London
Nash is Male from London
Martin is Male from Sheffield
Jayne is Female from Northbhumberside
Bradley is Male from Essex

Frequently Asked Questions about being an Escort:

Crystal Escorts
Call 0845 453 4190

1. Do I need to be an experienced escort?
No! Most of our escorts have full time jobs and do escorting part-time. They are normal guys and girls that earn extra money whilst meeting interesting people. As long as you can hold a conversation and present yourself in an appropriate manner, you can make a success of this. Most of our clients are professional people that prefer escorts that are just themselves and do not pretend to be something they are not.

2. What is expected of me when escorting?
Being an escort is the same as going on a date. The only difference is that you are getting paid for it instead of doing it for free. The client would expect you to be dressed for the occasion, usually smart-casual unless otherwise specified. They want someone that looks clean, smart and is courteous at all times. Bad language and drunkenness is never acceptable. Remember that you representing Crystal Escorts and our clients give us feedback after the date. The more professional you are, the more you will be chosen in future and most of our escorts get repeat business.

3. Who pays for dinner, tickets etc?
As a rule, the escort never pays for dinner, tickets to the theater, cinemas, concerts etc. The client will even pay your flight tickets if you are asked to go abroad. Some male escorts prefer to start the date by asking the client if they can buy them a drink. This is just used as an ice-breaker and is not a requirement.

4. How Do I Get Paid?
The client pays you directly at the beginning of the booking and they always pay in cash. If you are booked for 4 hours and your client asks you to stay longer, you can negotiate an extra payment for the extra hours. If your client would like to rebook you for another date, you are in full control to negotiate your own fee if you so prefer.

5. How many jobs will I get per week?
It depends on how much time you want to dedicate to this. Most of our escorts work part-time when they start and can only fit in two 2 jobs per week. Then when they get popular and get rebooked by the same clients, they make a full-time career of it. Having a good profile with pictures will get you lots more work than having just a profile. Clients do like to see what they are paying for. When your income exceeds what you are currently earning in any other job, you can make a safe decision to doing escorting full-time.

6. Will I get jobs abroad?
From time to time a client will ask you if you would be willing to travel abroad for a weekís holiday or a weekend-break. It is not obligatory for you to accept these bookings. The choice is yours. All travel expenses are booked and paid for by your client and details e-mailed to you before departure. If a client wants to book you for one of these trips, you will be given enough notice so you can plan and arrange your life around other commitments.

7. Can men and women do escorting?
We started off recruiting men only to escort ladies, but over the years we have received numerous enquiries for female escorts as well. We opened our doors to anyone who was over the age of 18 (if they pass our recruitment criteria). We now serve clients with ANY requirements. We pride ourselves on the fact that we will get the right escort for the right client. This has made us a popular company to deal with as our clients know that we will go the extra mile to find exactly what they are looking for. If you are a potential escort out there and are not sure if you fit the bill, call us or email us and we will take you through a quick recruitment process to see if we would be able to offer you anything.

8. How safe is it being an escort?
Being an escort is very safe. All our clients have to give us full details of where they live, contact details, background, profession and in which hotel they are staying. We also have all details of the meeting place. We take pride in our safety first policy. All clients and escorts are asked to give feedback of how they experienced their date. We take complaints from both clients and escorts very seriously and any complaints will be dealt with in the strictest confidence. If the complaint is serious and justified, it can lead to clients being removed from membership. If you have any bad experience working as an escort, please report it to your personal coordinator immediately.

9. What happens if my client doesn't turn up at the meeting place?
If your client does not turn up and has not given notice of a cancellation, you must report it to us in writing by e-mail. We will investigate what the problem was and if we feel the client has a respectable reason then the client will be asked to pay you your expenses and some compensation. If the client has no valid reason they will be given a warning and if it happens again they will be struck off our membership and will be unable to book another escort through us.

10. Am I expected to have sex?
You are not expected to have sex. We are a non-sexual escort agency. Your client will specify beforehand if they are looking for a social or personal booking and we will inform you accordingly. If you do not wish to do any personal bookings, we will not use you on these bookings. If however you do wish to take personal bookings, we distance ourselves from any negotiations entered into between you and your client. You are consenting adults and enter into these negotiations at your own free will. We are only bringing two members together and will not take responsibility for the legality of your behavior during any booking.

Crystal Escorts
Call 0845 453 4190

1. When should you consider hiring a male escort?
Have you ever needed a date to a party? Or needed a companion for a wedding? You donít have a regular partner or your regular partner does not want to go to a party where he doesnít know anyone? You should consider hiring an escort for these occasions. They can accompany you anytime and anywhere, weddings, parties, dinner, dancing, holiday abroad, and week-ends away. For just about any event you require our escorts are there for you to hire.

2. What to expect from us?
With us you can expect professionalism and discretion. Your details will never be passed on to a second party. If you require speaking directly to an escort before you hire one, we can forward this information upon your request. We pride ourselves on safety first and should you need to report anything to us, please do not hesitate to do so. Your complaint will be dealt with immediately and with the utmost discretion.

3. Selecting and meeting my escort?
Once you have chosen you desired escort from the website, click the booking button and fill the request form in with time, date and meeting place. We will then contact the escort on your behalf for availability and contact you back to confirm. You will then be given the escortís details to negotiate price and a private password to given at your first meeting.

4. What are the costs of hiring an escort?
The cost of hiring is determined by the amount of hours you hire the escort for. The minimum hire is two hours and we will negotiate the price with the Escort on your behalf, prior to your meeting. On average it is £100 per hour for a social booking and £200 per hour for a personal booking. All tickets, dining and other expenses associated with the booking are paid for by the client. The escort pays their own travel expenses unless travelling outside their own city. If flights are required, the client is required to pay for this.

5. Is it safe to hire an escort?
It is very safe to hire an escort as most meetings are held in public places and we advise you have a password to give to each other for when you meet. All clients and escorts have filled in an application to ensure all details are correct as safety is our first priority.

6. Are our services confidential?
We are strictly confidential and discretion is our policy. All our client and escort details are kept with Crystal Escorts and never passed to a third party.

7. How do I pay for my Escort?
Once you have registered with us you can proceed to choose your ideal escort. Once your request has been made, we will contact the escort on your behalf to see if they are available for the requested date and time. If they are available we will book the request on your behalf and call you to confirm this. We will give you the escortís relevant contact details to enable you to negotiate your price and booking details with them. Once you have agreed these details, you will be asked to pay a booking fee to us. You pay the escort in cash within the first five minutes of meeting. You can then commence the rest of your meeting.

8. Am I restricted to hiring just one escort at a time?
No, there are no restrictions on how many escorts you would like to hire.

9. Can I use the escort for longer hours than originally booked?
Yes, but this is subject to negotiation with the escort directly. It would still be within the escortís discretion and choice to continue the booking for a further fee.

Crystal Escorts
Call 0845 453 4190